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Wit Records Announced That Napster® Goes Live With, "The President – Single" Today.

Elk Grove, CA, Tuesday, December 7, 2004, Wit Records (http://www.WitRecords.net) announced today that music fans can purchase and download Wit’s song, "The President – Single" from Napster®.

“It is exciting and humbling to have one’s music readily available to anyone in the world that has a computer and the Internet,” said Wit, singer-songwriter. "I am grateful that Napster® has made "The President – Single" available to so many”.

Follow the link to get your copy of , "The President – Single" on Napster

About Wit

Wit is a composer, singer-songwriter, author as well as a popular poet. His thought-provoking (sometimes controversial) observations of the Universe, which he transfers into poetry, inspirational thought, and lyrics, inspire his fans to a newfound enjoyment for life as well as discovery.

Wit was born in Santa Cruz, California where he studied Electronics and Music. Working in the electronic industry for over a decade, Wit found solace from the high paced and stressful industry with the observation and writing of nature and the human condition.

About Napster

Napster®, the world’s biggest brand in digital music, is a subscription service that enables fans to access the world’s largest and most diverse online collection of music and experience the largest number of features. Napster subscribers have more ways to discover, share and acquire new music and old favorites with community features like the ability to email tracks to friends and browse other members’ collections. Subscribers to Napster can listen to full-length songs from every major record label and hundreds of independents on demand for a low monthly fee. Napster also offers Napster Light, a "lighter" version of the service for those who just want to purchase songs and albums a la carte. Napster is a division of Roxio, Inc., (Nasdaq: ROXI), the Digital Media Company, provider of the best-selling digital media software in the world. Napster is headquartered in Los Angeles.

About Wit Records

Wit Records is an independent record label. Founded in 2004 in Elk Grove, California, United States, it is now based in Felton, California and managed by Wit.

Since the singer-songwriter, Wit, was creating a new genre called Zen Rock, he needed more freedom in the expressing of this new art form. Wit Records was created as an alternative to the normal business strategy executed by record companies, where an artist must conform and stay in confines of one common genre.

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