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The President

The President-Single was released worldwide and on iTunes on October 20th, 2004.
"ThePresident" is a song written and preformed by Wit. It is a serious piece from an idealistic point of view of the most important office in the world.

" The President " is the third track to the studio album (Wit is in the final stages). " The President " is story about Timmy, one of the characters I introduce in another song on the studio album. His parents tell him that he could grow up and be the President. He takes this to heart and learns what the office really means and what it takes.

In the story we see Timmy saying, like a mantra, that he wants to be The President. Later in the song, we see he gains more confidence and is willing to sacrifice more. As Timmy gets more determined, his sacrifice becomes more apparent.

I have put other musical innuendos in to this song, but that is for my fans to discover.

Is The President a protest song?

It can be a song of praise or protest. It is actually a song of hope.

The song, “The President” is an ideal that one who seeks that position should be. Actually, anyone who seeks public office should listen to the message. It shows the better qualities of leadership we should all honor.

In recent years, the frustration of the current administration has caused listeners to view the song as a protest against the administration.

In the very beginning of the song, I have the actual oath the President of the United States of America takes when he/she is sworn into office. The President swears to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

As for the current administration, the Constitution has been attacked and mutilated not protected.

I am insulted that the Bush administration thought we are so ignorant. The Patriot Act is a blatant violation upon our freedoms we hold true and evident.

They have failed us.


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